The final chapter

Check out the latest chapter in my graphic novel here.

So, this novel is finally completed. If you’ve read this whole thing on this website, what you’ve read is the “rough draft”. It includes typos, errors, drawing mistakes. Stuff I’ll need to go back and fix. For example, there is one page where Detective Ridgway has a mustache in one frame and doesn’t in another. The print edition will have all these fixed. It even has an additional page. I inserted it just to clarify the plot and a certain character.

Here’s another little tidbit you’ll only get if you’re checking out my website. The detectives on the task force to catch this serial killer are the following:

There is also a police officer named Gacy who Perez accuses of “clowning around”. All these names can be found on Wikipedia’s list of serial killers in the USA. I will admit I spelled the name Aileen Wuornos wrong. But, I’m not going back through to change it, I don’t think.

If you have read the book here, I hope you’ve enjoyed it. I’ve enjoyed working on it. I’m also glad it is over. What you see below is the final frame of the final page. It doesn’t really give much away.



2 thoughts on “The final chapter

  1. Paul, I just found your blog through Becky’s “share” on Facebook. Wow! I has no idea. So many fond memories of your family’s time in Gunter. I will spend the rest of the day reading all this!

    Bonnie Holcomb Stafford

    1. Thanks, Bonnie. It’s been a labor of love, but I’m glad it is over.

      I have fond memories of Gunter too. There aren’t many, and they’re pretty fuzzy, but there’s a big giant warm spot in my heart for Texas.

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