The Train Job – an animated short starring Kaya Rogue

Kaya Rogue, half of the hip-hop band Kounterclockwise, stars as the voice of Tina. Tina is the sultry red headed leading lady of this film. She is no “damsel in distress” either. She’s a swashbuckling adventurer who takes control of a chaotic situation. This 20 minute short opens March 13th at 8 PM on YouTube.

Poster 4

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 5.38.07 AMKaya Rogue brings a rich singer’s voice to the roll. This isn’t her first roll in a film. She also starred in the Jim Lujan directed Kounterclockwise in Forever Land, a feature length animated epic.

Forever LandYou can also check out her music. Just go to and follow the links.