2015 East Lansing Film Festival – The Train Job



The Train Job to screen at the East Lansing Film Festival

The animated short film called The Train Job will screen on Friday, November 6 at Wells Hall on the campus of Michigan State University in East Lansing. It was directed by independent animator Paul Pate. The Train Job is a 20 minute wild west adventure about a train leaving Dodge City in 1894. The main character, Cookie Wilson, is voiced by 13 year old Ryan Gleason.

MSU is where Pate, an artist and illustrator, attended college and met the film’s co-writer, Alfred Laurence. Laurence also directed the music and voiced the film’s villain. Other contributors to the film included Kaya Rogue and Deacon Burns of the hip-hop group from Cleveland, Ohio called Kounterclockwise. Jim Lujan from West Covina, California contributed music to the film, which had an all original score.

Paul Pate created the film on his Apple computer in his basement studio he calls “the Podcave”. He does his artwork in the mornings before he goes to his day job. You can find out more by visiting his website http://www.paulpate.com or checking out the Paul Pate Animation channel on YouTube.