Over the last couple of years I’ve gotten to know Jim Lujan “on the internet”. He’s a very talented animator. He’s super creative. He knows EVERYBODY! But most of all, he’s super freakin’ nice. Seriously. The nicest guy.

Anyway, Jim sorta hit the independent animator’s lotto when the legendary Bill Plympton approached him and asked him to work on a film together. I say sorta cuz Jim really earned that honor by all the work he had done on his YouTube channel, Jim Lujan Animation.

Jim and Bill came up with Revengeance. Jim wrote it. Bill is animating it. Now, Bill Plympton is like the Michael Jordan of animation. He’s super good, super creative, and super fast. But, for someone sitting on the sidelines, watching and waiting for this process to be done, this movie is taking a long long time to finish!! I can’t wait to see it! But, Bill is animating it in his style. He draws out every frame. Sometimes, he’ll draw the same frame several times so that it has that shimmering look to it. If you haven’t seen any of his movies, they are truly wild. The look and feel is otherworldly, yet so real. It is the most 3D of the 2D animation. I did manage to get my tentacles on some footage. Scroll down and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

BountyHunterLineup DeathfaceSkullFingersW LanaArrows RodDragged RodInTraffic ZornGunners

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