The Great Adventures of Kounterclockwise

Thought I’d update you on what I’ve been up to. Kounterclockwise is a hip hop group straight outta Cleveland, Ohio. They consist of Deacon Burns and Kaya Rogue, husband and wife. Deacon is a great rapper, musically gifted, and a brilliant wordsmith. He’s also a full on nerd. He loves sci-fi, comics, and animation. He’s one of the people that inspired me to get into it in the first place, and he’s been one of my animation “crew” from the start. So, when he asked me to help him on a TV show pilot, I was geeked!

Well, our little 5 minute speculative pilot is turning into a 20 minute epic, in true Deacon style. But, he’s got a tripped out imagination and a whole lot to say. So, it’s gonna be totally original. Plus, we’re getting help from the “bugged out and zany” animation of Matt Smith. There’s a whole bunch of Cleveland celebrities contributing voice work. Award winning animator Jim Lujan is helping out. Deacon is promoting the living daylights out of this thing and creating some real excitement. He’s so pumped about it, he’s “buzzing in his balls!” I don’t know if I’ve ever been that excited about anything, but maybe. This is pretty cool.

I wish I could share the show with you now, but I haven’t drawn it yet. I did do the very beginning though. Here’s a look.

TGAOK Title Page

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