Artist bio:

I’m Paul Pate, the artist. As a little Texan I started drawing horses, pickup trucks, and Jesus. Then my family moved to Michigan. Like many great RnB singers got their start singing in the church choir, I got my start drawing in the church programs and on the tithing envelopes. I would draw the people in church or the football players I was waiting to watch when we got home. Sunday afternoon NFL, chances were good the Cowboys were on! I would animate football games in the margin of our telephone book. White pages, yellow pages, and blue. One time my math teacher told my parents, “Paul’s drawing is coming along nicely.” To this day, I draw all the time. I LOVE IT! I carry around an iPad. It’s my sketchpad. I know quite a few people who liked to draw when they were kids. I’m a kid who’s been around too many years and never stopped drawing. I do portraits, cityscapes, and cartoons. I’ve written and illustrated two graphic novels along with several other book projects. My animated short The Train Job is part of the 2015 Made in Michigan Film Festival.

On occasion I feel as if I’m cursed with the compulsion to draw. It can be frustrating when something doesn’t turn out. But mostly, I’m grateful every day to be given the opportunity to do something I love. If you see me around, ask me to draw your picture. It might look like you!

2 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hello Mr. Pate. My name is Jim. Im retired and have currently taken up the hobby of electric football (again since the 70s). I recently purchased your Buzzing solitaire play calling cards to help me play solitaire. Im very interested in hearing any ideas you had when using these cards aside from setting up formations. What do the circled defensive poitions mean. does it mean they are stationary? It would be great to hear your insights. Love your art. its my style!

    1. Thank you, Jim. Gimme a call some time and I can walk you through it.
      Oh Yes! The circles around the defense means that’s their zone. I have my defenders run in circles to simulate a zone. It’s actually hard to get a runner through one of those zones without being touched.

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