Sketchaday portrait

claire danes

Wow. This is about a 75 minute drawing. It took me probably about three hours. My computer kept crashing!

One of my favorite things to do is download new photoshop brushes. I won’t say the brush, but I suspect it was what was crashing my computer. Too bad, because it is quite a beautiful set of brushes. Perhaps I should try the paid version.

Anyway, for whatever reason I was determined to get through and this is the result. I finished it off with a standard photoshop chalk, which pretty much accomplishes the same thing.

This experience makes me think creative types shouldn’t be struggling with their technology or media. It is there to assist. You DO have take time to master it. But, from there it is best if it works FOR you. At some point, if you’re struggling too much with it, it is working AGAINST you. It’s hard to define exactly when that is though. For me, this morning, I wasn’t going to reach that point in time. I was determined to finish! Not always the case though.

Here it is. I’m glad I finished. I hope you like it.

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